JaggedPlanet.com - Sound and Image Processing

A range of software products for generating and processing sound and images. Most of the software on this site is donation-ware, meaning that it is free to download and try, with a Paypal link so that you can buy me a virtual beer if you find the software useful.


J-Scope is a full-featured VST 2.4 Oscilloscope plugin. A good oscilloscope is an essential tool for developing synthesiser or sound-effects, allowing you to visualise and measure waveforms in an easy and intuitive manner.
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iMerge is an image-stacking and mosaicing utility. Using an intelligent averaging algorithm, the software uses overlapping regions to provide effective noise reduction. Image tiles can be 'feathered' into each other to avoid visible seams between images.
iMerge is aimed primarily at astronomical imaging - either stacking for noise-reduction, mosaic-making for wide-field imaging, or anything in between.
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Terrapin is a highly optimised, near-realtime, raytracing fractal landscape generator. It can be used to create images of alien terrains, with mountains, seas, and a wide range of atmospheric effects. It can also generate images of entire planets floating in space, and these planets can be used as a backdrop in a landscape image.
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