Music My recent music on soundcloud.
Music videos My recent music on youtube.
J-Scope A VST Oscilloscope plugin.
Photography Photography using various digital cameras (mostly Sony a700), microscopes, telescopes, etc.
iMerge Stacking and mosaic-making software, primarily for astronomical images.
ExViewMod Long-exposure modifications for 1004x CCTV module.
iCatch Image capture software for 1004x CCTV module.
NB: ***This is NOT the iCatch webcam***
iPrep Image preprocessor, primarily for astronomical images.
Videomicrography Videos filmed through a microscope. Mostly pond-life and protozoans.
Astrophotography Using a modified low-cost CCTV module.
Computer Graphics The Terrapin fractal landscape generator.
Painting Mostly using acrylics.
Older music Music I made long, long ago.
More links:
ArtemisCCD CCD cameras for astronomy and microscopy.
QCUIAG QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group.